Someone on a forum thinks I write the code for RadioDJ free radio automation software.

OK Lets Get This Straight! I don’t write code for software I wouldn’t know where to start.

RadioDJ is a brilliant studio automation program and we wouldn’t be promoting it if it wasn’t up to the job.

I wouldn’t even know where to start when it comes to writing or coding software. My dyslexia would only hamper me.

I’m just about able to code basic website stuff although it’s been a few years since I played around with scripts.

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How To Install RadioDJ

Please don’t ask me about how the program is written (All I know is it’s written in .NET) or even suggest I code a feature for it.

I’m NOT (Repeat) the man responsible for that!

If you feel RadioDJ needs a certain feature you can always put in a feature request on the Community Forums Future Request section.

We hope that’s cleared that misunderstanding up?

For those who are Interested the Author is called Marius Vaida… I wish I could code so brilliantly!

Last updated on: 16th October 2019
at 11:55 AM Europe/London