For the past 7/8 years I’ve been using a Linux as an operating system rather than a Windows PC. TechMonkey talked me into it after a virus in an email once.

Recently an upgrade button appeared “Did I want to upgrade to Ubuntu Studio 20.04? From 19.10”

Ubuntu studio

So I thought what’s the harm, backed up files incase the worst happened and as it turns out I’m glad I did backup my files.

After the upgrade I went to run my Virtual Machine and It just wasn’t firing up. Then I kept getting crash errors which I sent to the developers.

I Googled and I Googled for an answer to the problem. After a few hours I couldn’t find a working solution and by this point I was getting stressed.

I was flummoxed by the problems Ubuntu kept throwing up at me. MOST of the tutorials I followed made the issue worse.

I tried my hardest to learn Linux in the time I was using it, but sadly most of it was way beyond my programming skills even doing stuff via terminal was a challenge.

In the years I used Linux I’ve forgotten most of the things I learned as I’ve been on several distros of Linux in my time all requiring different commands.

So the long and short of the problem is ended up going back to Windows 10 Pro as the main OS on my 16GB Machine.

Thanks for all the fish Ubuntu Studio but its time we parted. If only MOST OF those tutorials I’d read on the Internet had actually worked.

At least I know my way around a Windows Computer I’ve been using them for the best part of 20 years.

Now I can relax for the time being and not have to worry too much about not being able to sort Windows issue.

I’ve always been CRAP at programming down to my dyslexia.