OH I’m sorry did I block you?

A while back on I was asked by a few people why I had blocked several people from my past from contacting me via Social Media.

I really shouldn’t have to answer a question like that in the first place.

If you were blocked by me then you can be rest assured that at some point in life you have done something to royally piss me off at some point in the past 40 years.

I’ve mainly blocked people who were just playing mind games and others who were just downright annoying, homophobic or even openly racist.

It’s within my rights to do what ever I want on Social media without having people from my past wanting to get in touch!

So no apology is ever going to be forthcoming.

I simply couldn’t care what you’re doing with your life! We probably never had much in common in the first place.

“Life happens….. and you lose people along the way!”

Mind if these people were so bloody minded they could still have tracked me down elsewhere but they haven’t.

Last updated on: January 25th, 2018
at 14:04 PM Europe/London

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