Seen a couple of posts recently on social media from radio station owners & DJ’s all stating they couldn’t do their shows.

SAM Broadcaster 2015

“I won’t be on air this week I just hope SAM Broadcaster doesn’t fuck up on me again next week”
“No live show tonight we’re off air until further notice we need to repair SAM Broadcaster”
“Kind of nervous for my show tonight hopefully they can solve this SAM Broadcaster problem”
“Won’t be doing my live show tonight SAM Broadcaster won’t co-operate”
“Won’t be broadcasting today sorry SAM Broadcaster is playing up because of an error”

Do any of those statements sound familiar?

SAM Broadcaster crashing and taking a station/stream off air is nothing new!

“The program used to crash on me quite often in the 8+ years I used the software. It went wrong so many times it lost me a regular slot on an Internet radio station”

It got tedious having to constantly rebuild or reinstall the program and database after a crash.

The whole program being “flaky” is just one of the biggest annoyances with SAM Broadcaster.

If you’ve spent time rebuilding/re-configuring SAM Broadcaster after a crash we know how painful it is to have that happen to you.

Aside from the program going wrong the encoders would buffer even on a stable connection with a decent upload speed. It even happened streaming to a Shoutcast server on our home network our router can handle lots of traffic.

Note: All the stand alone encoders we’ve tested all held up for weeks without buffering once, Therefore its a problem solely confined to SAM Broadcaster and its encoders

It’s 2011 since we stopped using SAM Broadcaster and started using RadioDJ free radio automation software.

“We’ve NEVER had RadioDJ let us down like SAM did on more than 1 occasion”

RadioDJ free radio automation software

We swear by RadioDJ for automating our music with.

We have yet to have a serious problem with RadioDJ

It’s really stable and reliable and shouldn’t crash on you during a live radio show

RadioDJ shouldn’t cause you any issues once setup and installed and will work for weeks/months without needing a restart.

How To Install RadioDJ

One user of RadioDJ had his copy running for over 2 years

We don’t have the errors, crashes or headaches with RadioDJ that we used to have with SAM Broadcaster.

However if the worst should happen & your PC crashes, You can be safe in the knowledge it wasn’t RadioDJ at fault! It’s usually been a problem with hardware/hard drives acting up.

We take regular daily backups of the database and we’ve yet to actually restore the database from a backup. It’s rare the RadioDJ database needs any maintenance.

If SAM Broadcaster isn’t working for you we suggest you make the switch to RadioDJ.

You’ll have more time to concentrate on the important stuff like doing radio shows. Without having to worry about software going wrong on you.

“Fact: RadioDJ is far more stable & reliable than SAM Broadcaster ever could be!”

Stop buying SAM Broadcaster from @Spacial Audio it really is the PITS when it comes to radio automation software.

Last updated on: 7th September 2018
at 13:53 PM Europe/London