I saw SAM Broadcaster v2015.5 was available for download this morning.

So I downloaded it from my usual source. Haven’t had chance to test it properly yet but I’d imagine it’s just as unstable as v2015.4 was.

SAM Broadcaster 2015.5

I can’t help but notice that the “read me” changelog only lists one change (again)

SAM Broadcaster 2015 Changelog

v2015.5 (14 December 2015)
* Renamed server type on Statistic Relays for SAM Broadcaster Cloud.

So in the last 12 months subscribers to the SAM Broadcaster yearly subscription model have only had 1 new feature added (.m4a support)

The rest of the changes were for their SAM Broadcaster Cloud solution.

Most other software companies wouldn’t get away with stuff like this their customers would be complaining in their hundreds or switching to other solutions.

Spacial Audio promised “To work really hard this year” back in a January newsletter & in reality they’ve done NOTHING with the software!

Despite their claims in their blog posts, all the updates this year were for SAM Broadcaster Cloud.

People need to stop paying $$$ to Spacial Audio for software.

You’re only paying them to lurch from one disaster to another.

I can’t help but notice a lot of people have been switching to RadioDJ recently.

Download RadioDJ v2

We’re just hoping that’s a sign that people are fed up with Spacial Audio and their seemingly constant broken promises!

When a new version of RadioDJ is released you usually get more than just a bug fix or new feature added into the program!

The developer of RadioDJ has a real passion for writing software. If only Spacial audio developers were like that eh?

“Why are people still paying out $$$ to Spacial Audio every 12 months for SAM Broadcaster when it seems the development team cannot be bothered to program new features or even fix glaring bugs and errors in the software?

You’re going to have to try a lot harder Spacial Audio people will get fed up when you fail to deliver the goods every year.

Only 5 releases and 1 new feature all for their usual $299 price tag in 2015…

Now You Really Are Taking The Piss Spacial Audio!

Last updated on: October 23rd, 2016
at 10:18 AM Europe/London