Looked on the RadioDJ forums recently to find a post on the Testimonials section from a user called Capt Dave.

Radio DJ 2020

He’s the same user I reported the uptime from 2 years ago when he had it running for 2 years non stop.

We’re blown away by the fact this users copy of RadioDJ v1.8.2 has been running continuously for 4 years

However we’re actually more Impressed that Windows XP has stayed booted for that amount of time.

We knew how reliable & stable RadioDJ was from the period of time when we used to stream a backup stream for a now defunct radio station.

The only things that have ever got in the way of our uptime were Windows Updates sometimes there’s no escaping them unless you disable the service but that isn’t recommended.

When there has been a major issue its actually turned out to be Hardware/Computer related, Disc drives have been the culprit in any downtime since 2010.

Congratulations on making this amazing milestone Captain Dave. If we could afford the electric there’s no doubt we’d have ours running non stop 24/7 too.

You can download the latest stable release by clicking below. Its FREE so you have nothing to lose by trying it.

RadioDJ free radio automation 2016

How To Install RadioDJ

If you get stuck there’s always help on the community forums.

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Last updated on: 2nd February 2020
at 17:35 PM Europe/London