Do you run a community radio station online without looking to make money from it? Are you a not for profit or community led Internet radio station?

Community / not for profit radio stations:

  • Community radio stations are a type of station which does not have any adverts,
  • Is funded by investors,
  • Is run by volunteers,
  • Is influenced, owned by and operated in the community they serve

We believe that radio automation software shouldn't have to cost you the earth.

Yes really, nothing, nada, free now and free forever, with no catches or hidden fees

We can’t stress highly enough just how great at radio automation RadioDJ Free radio automation software is.

It truly outperforms other paid for radio automation software solutions, try it and find out for yourself!


If you use RadioDJ alongside Voicemeeter Banana (this is donationware), you will be able to mix the audio from RadioDJ and your microphone(s) then send that final audio to a Standalone encoder without too much hassle.

How To Install RadioDJ


Even after software companies give you a discount on their software for being a not for profit radio station, you will find the paid for software solutions don’t perform as good as the FREE software offerings.

If that happens you’ll struggle to get your money back & you’ll be left out of pocket.

“If you run a not for profit radio station stop paying out $$$ for overpriced software, especially when the FREE stuff works 10 times better”

After all why should a radio station that doesn’t make any money be forced to cough up hundreds of $$$ for software?

It need NOT cost the earth to start an online radio station

Last updated on: 4th September 2018
at 14:30 PM Europe/London