Spacial Audio used to have something of a monopoly when it came to Internet radio automation software.

They used to think they were the only radio automation company that had the magic touch.

SAM Broadcaster v1.3


20 years or so ago people wanting to run an Internet radio station had only one option and that was to pay $$$ for radio automation software.

Now you have RadioDJ FREE radio automation software.

Radio stations and DJ’s don’t need to shell out $$$ for radio automation software!!

RadioDJ is FREE for use by any radio station or DJ anywhere in the world.

The newer versions of RadioDJ can do so much more than SAM Broadcaster with some pretty nifty features included in the program.

No need for messy resource hogging PAL scripts. You can program songs/intros/jingles into the playlist in RadioDJ just by using events/rotations or even by using simple SQL Queries.

Once setup and installed RadioDJ will run for weeks/months without anyone needing to keep an eye on the program.

We know of one user who went over 24 months without a restart of RadioDJ v1.8.2, We’d call that reliable wouldn’t you?

Another user is running 4 stations on Shoutcast with RadioDJ. Something else you can’t do with SAM Broadcaster without it costing you $$$.

The only reason you should need to reboot the machine is to update Windows there’s no escaping Windows updates if you want a secure computer.

Give RadioDJ a try you will find it outperforms SAM Broadcaster for stability and reliability.

The best part is RadioDJ WON’T Cost you $$$ between updates or versions.

How To Install RadioDJ

The clue is in the name “RadioDJ FREE radio automation software”

There are NO hidden fees or catches with RadioDJ the software is supplied exactly as you see it.

Last updated on: 19th September 2019
at 13:33 PM Europe/London