Sat here shaking my head because of a post I’ve seen on a Facebook group.

Someone reckons because RadioDJ doesn’t have paid for support packages that its not a professional radio automation system.


“Most corporate level IT refuses to let you run an automation system without a support contract”

There are no messy support contracts with RadioDJ because it doesn’t need them!

You are free to do as you please with the software!

If Volunteer lead forum support isn’t good enough for you then that’s your loss.

Fact: Most corporate IT support guys don’t know what they’re talking about 99.8% of the time!

We’ve seen the author of RadioDJ come to peoples rescue with remote support sessions without charging them anything.

Heck I’ve had 2 remote support sessions in the past and it didn’t cost me a bean.

Feel free to go and use some dodgy overpriced automation package with paid for support if you want! No one forces you into using RadioDJ

Fact: RadioDJ is being used by several “Professional” radio stations around the world, Some of those stations are running more than one output with more than 1 copy of RadioDJ

Actually the volunteer forum support for RadioDJ is 100% better than other paid for software forums/support that we could mention.

It seems some people in the world of online radio don’t appear to know their arse from their elbow at times and by God doesn’t it just show when they post tripe on Facebook.

“Hobbyist level software is not recommended for on air where revenue depends on reliable uptime”

Again this is another area of RadioDJ that you don’t need to worry about its stable, reliable, flexible and you could have Great Uptime if only you gave it a chance.

I just don’t get the hostility against free software like RadioDJ I really don’t.

You believe what you want you’ve obviously been blinkered by promises from other software manufacturers.

RadioDJ is far from unprofessional, If you took the time to work with it rather than against it you’d find you’d be having a stress free radio experience.

“Yes OK so RadioDJ was initially built for the hobby Broadcaster market that doesn’t mean it can’t be used by professionals too”

Last updated on: 30th May 2018
at 10:50 AM Europe/London