Yet again we have people trying to argue the toss with us on social media that RadioDJ still comes with hidden costs?


Newsflash: It doesn’t… RadioDJ is 100% FREE = No Hidden costs

You download the “software” for FREE, You are free to use the software when you want where you want.

The author even says as much in the Licence for the program.

“This program is provided “as is” without warranties of any kind”

There are zero risks with RadioDJ, The program is 100% free from spyware and viruses and is also pretty damn stable once setup and working.

When we say FREE radio software with “NO hidden costs” we really do mean it… No Bullshit!

Of course running a radio station is going to incur some form of cost somewhere along the line. But it needn’t have to with the play-out/automation software.

It’s the software RadioDJ that is FREE with NO catches.

NOT your stream or other costs! Although (at the time of posting) you can get free shoutcast servers through Radionomy… (Use at own risk)

Payments for streaming servers and licensing costs are a total different kettle of FISH altogether!

We’ve used RadioDJ since 2011 and have NEVER had to pay anything for the program or upgrades to new versions. We have of course made a donation to the author of RadioDJ as a thank you for making such a great program.

Can we please get over this “MYTH” that there are hidden costs with RadioDJ free automation software.



There aren’t any costs with RadioDJ, and there are NOT likely to be in the future… The author of the software has pledged to keep RadioDJ free for as long as possible.

So NO hidden costs really does = No hidden costs… Is that Clear enough for you?

Last updated on: December 10th, 2016
at 10:55 AM Europe/London

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