Sat here shaking my head because of a post I’ve seen on the RadioDJ forums…


This isn’t the first time I’ve heard of an IT department refusing to let someone run the RadioDJ automation system without a support contract or digitally signed installer. I know its bonkers!

The RadioDJ installer doesn’t need a certificate its as SAFE as houses, myself and thousands of RadioDJ users wouldn’t have used the software for years if it wasn’t safe…

The program is 100% better than some of the paid for software solutions that we could mention, just because they might have a signed certificate doesn’t mean they’re any better…

Again this is another area of RadioDJ that you don’t need to worry about its SAFE, stable, reliable & flexible, your students could have Great Uptime if only your IT guys gave it a chance.

I just don’t get the hostility against free software like RadioDJ I really don’t.

RadioDJ is far from unsafe, If you took the time to work with it rather than against it you’d find your students could be having a stress free radio experience.

Last updated on: 6th August 2019
at 06:52 AM Europe/London