Sat here shaking my head because of a post I’ve seen on the RadioDJ forums…

“We run a radio station on a university campus. The security team is starting to get really sceptical of RadioDJ, given its history of reported malware (false positive or not). They blocked my ability to download RadioDJ updates”


This isn’t the first time I’ve heard of an IT department refusing to let someone run the RadioDJ automation system without a support contract or digitally signed installer. I know its bonkers!

The RadioDJ installer doesn’t need a certificate its as SAFE as houses, myself and thousands of RadioDJ users wouldn’t have used the software for years if it wasn’t safe…

Fact: Most corporate IT support guys don’t know what they’re talking about 99.8% of the time!

Fact: “RadioDJ is being used by several student radio stations around the world, Some of those stations are running more than one output with more than 1 copy of RadioDJ & we’ve never heard of them having these sorts of issues”

The program is 100% better than some of the paid for software solutions that we could mention, just because they might have a signed certificate doesn’t mean they’re any better…

Again this is another area of RadioDJ that you don’t need to worry about its SAFE, stable, reliable & flexible, your students could have Great Uptime if only your IT guys gave it a chance.

I just don’t get the hostility against free software like RadioDJ I really don’t because it doesn’t have a signed certificate.

RadioDJ is far from unsafe, If you took the time to work with it rather than against it you’d find your students could be having a stress free radio experience.

Last updated on: 10th September 2018
at 09:00 AM Europe/London