If you own a copy of SAM Broadcaster 2013 to 2016 you might have noticed that Amazon artwork for songs has stopped working.

(It will also apply to some of the older 4.x.x versions of SAM Broadcaster)

This is because Amazon changed the way they allow a piece of software to look up album art, Basically they changed it from http:// to https://

Which has in turn stopped the album art lookup from happening within SAM Broadcaster.

“Yes we are fully aware that this was beyond Spacial Audio’s control, As Spacial doesn’t do updates to older releases anymore any version before 2017.1 is unlikely to have this feature ever work again”

The album art issue has been fixed in SAM Broadcaster 2017.1 but if you don’t currently have a subscription you would have to pay all over again to get a version of SAM with album art working.

However for those of you left in limbo you can still get your album art without having to rely on SAM Broadcaster.

You just need to download mp3tag it has several different search engines for album art.

It then will embed the artwork into the file for you. Its a cost free workaround for you IF your copy of SAM Broadcaster is affected by this issue.

Last updated on: 7th September 2018
at 14:50 PM Europe/London