“No Activations Left”

You know that dreaded error message you get from software that requires activation on the servers of the software manufacturer.


I can imagine this is a really frustrating problem when it comes to radio automation software.

Especially if it happens to you when you’re about to go on air.

I’ve blogged before about SAM Broadcaster and it’s activation “issues” stopping people in their tracks.

This latest activation problem I saw was with RadioBoss from DJSoft.

The developer recently changed the way people activate the software.

It appears that this new online activation system is already causing people headaches.

“We know full well the problem stems from the radio software authors who are so frightened that people will try and pirate their software that they have decided to include some form of online activation requirement”

It would be nice if these online activation systems worked as they were designed!

We’re guessing the user who complained about his “activation issues” on the DJSoft forums was getting ready for a radio show after he’d just updated to the latest version of the software.

Things like that should NEVER happen with radio automation software.

That’s why RadioDJ FREE radio automation software is far superior to SAM Broadcaster and RadioBoss as it doesn’t require any online activations in order to unlock the full benefits of the program.

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No more worrying about your station being off air or worrying about not being able to do a live radio show.

We find RadioDJ is easy to use once you get used to what does what. It’s never crashed on us while doing a live radio show.

We’ve used RadioDJ since 2011 and we’ve never had a major issue with the software. It holds up for long periods of time and rarely seems to go wrong.

Once Installed and setup RadioDJ works like a trooper & because it doesn’t require activating it means you can just get on doing what you do best!

How To Install RadioDJ

Stop paying out $$$ for software that requires activating, You’ll be thankful in the end when you’re NOT having to activate software every day/week/month.

Makes much more sense don’t you think?

Last updated on: 26th September 2018
at 12:17 PM Europe/London