We love it when we see someone new to the RadioDJ forums praising the program.

RadioDJ free radio automation software

“I’m starting to set this nifty piece of software called RadioDJ completely to my hand and make it work for me like no other broadcasting-software ever could! RadioDJ is lean, it’s fast, and it NEVER fails!”

Indeed RadioDJ free radio automation software is such a stable and reliable program

Unfortunately hard drives don’t last forever, since the traditional hard drives failed we’ve now switched over to Solid state drives & hopefully they should last a lot longer than a traditional spindle hard drives.

We’ve thrown everything we could think of at RadioDJ and it’s done what we asked when we wanted it.

We could NEVER get the same reliability, sound quality and smooth crossfading from other software that cost lots of $$$.

Another user had this to say:

“I’ve not even scratched the surface yet, and I’m finding new ways to work with RadioDJ each and every day and I’m loving it. RadioDJ works FOR me and not against me!”

It’s great fun getting used to & learning what RadioDJ can do, Someone once tweeted that they squealed with delight everytime they discovered a feature in RadioDJ.

You can find a list of the features in RadioDJ Here

Another new user had this to say recently about the sound processing in the program.

“I found RadioDJ so I downloaded it to try it out Wow! It gives me the play out sound I wanted even by default”

Another user had this to say:

We never hear people waxing lyrical like this about other well known radio automation software… strange that!

Haven’t discovered RadioDJ yet? What are you waiting for?

The best part about RadioDJ is that it’s FREE for use by any radio station or DJ anywhere in the world.

You can’t say the same for other radio automation software available on the market!

RadioDJ is exactly as you see it.

It’s not that difficult to Install the program you just need a bit of time and patience.

How To Install RadioDJ

If you don’t believe what we say why not install the software yourself? You’ve got NOTHING to lose.

If you get stuck help and advice is available on the Community Forums.

RadioDJ Community Forums

Last updated on: 2nd November 2019
at 11:54 AM Europe/London