Just managed to get the latest version of Nextkast to test out…

It installed and fired up OK but that’s where everything started going wrong for me.


After dragging tracks into the library it just would not import some of the mp3 files that I attempted to load into the software.

Then I kept getting an annoying error message popping up that would not go way it took a restart of the program to get rid of it.

So That wasn’t a great start!

Then after firing it up again I went to try and add a folder only to get get some message about “only .mp3 files being supported” Yet the folder only contained .mp3 files.

So as you can tell I haven’t really been able to test it, because its been an absolute bastard to try and work the software.

“Plus Its still laid out like the kitchen sink the morning after a party”

Winston you really need to do some work on the folder import and supported files types in the program, Most other software for radio tends to support formats such as…

Even the “trial period” kicked me off the software after 15 minutes… Its just annoyingly bad.

I’m sticking with RadioDJ as I know that plays the files I want it to.

If it wasn’t for the music import issues/file types supported then I might have been able to test it out properly.

I’m sure Nextkast is only really being used by amateur Internet radio stations because they don’t know any better!



Last updated on: 20th July 2019
at 09:08 AM Europe/London