Just been looking back on stats for this website and I paid particular notice to what people had searched for…


“At some point someone has searched for “Nextkast Pro Crack & Keygen.

It just amazes me the lengths these amateur DJ’s & software pirates will go to, To have full working copies of software that costs $$$.

It seems every piece of paid for software on the radio automation market suffers with the same problem.

SAM Broadcaster being the most widely pirated piece of radio software. We’ve also had people looking for a RadioBoss crack.

They just need to download RadioDJ free radio automation software.

How To Install RadioDJ

Running pirated software is only going to put your PC and personal information at risk. The cracked/patched software could contain some pretty bad malware/viruses.

STOP searching for & downloading pirated copies of radio automation software.

Just use legitimate FREE software such as RadioDJ instead. You’ll be thankful in the end when your PC isn’t constantly crashing on you.

Nextkast Pro Crack & Keygen? NO NEED!

Last updated on: 16th September 2019
at 12:06 PM Europe/London