It’s been a long time since AOL announced Winamp and Shoutcast were to be discontinued way back in 2013.

I’ve been watching the Winamp/Shoutcast forums closely ever since.

Radionomy saved Winamp & Shoutcast in January 2014 and the only progress so far has been few releases of Shoutcast v2

When it comes to Winamp there’s been nothing just a release of 5.666 that needs patching to work properly.

The development team at Radionomy/Shoutcast are keeping tight lipped as to when there they may be a new release.

Although from reading the forum posts we understand it’s likely be sometime in 2018 (We’ll believe it when we see it) before a new version of Winamp is due.

Why is it taking so long for a new version?

We wish we had a crystal ball to be able to tell you.

Apparently there’s still a lot of AOL code/plugins/codecs to be updated in Winamp so that’s possibly what is causing the delays.

I just hope when they do release a new version that it’s not a huge disappointment for the core base of users.

They won’t be happy if they piss around with it too much.

All we do seem to know is that Radionomy will release a new version when they’re ready to do so.

We understand Winamp 5.8 beta is waiting to be released but first off its needs to go through Radionomy’s Legal team so who knows how much longer that’s likely to hold up the new release

We guess it’s a case of watch this space. Remember patience is a virtue…

Although over 4 years to get a new version of software out is a bit of a piss take!

It seems Radionomy don’t care about Winamp, why else would there be a lack of releases of Winamp when Shoutcast gets updated regularly?

Update 22 October 2018

There is a new Winamp Beta 5.8 available from the Winamp website and we’re led to believe there will be a Winamp v6 available next year.

Last updated on: 22nd October 2018
at 10:04 AM Europe/London