Spacial Audio put their new website online recently.

Which now seems more focused on their SAM Broadcaster Cloud products rather than the other software products they make.

The new pricing structure for SAM Broadcaster Cloud is set out monthly or annually.

The lowest package is priced at $15.00 a month & the top package is priced at $130 a month

The lowest package gets you 1 Station, Live & Cloud streaming, 10GB Storage & 120 Listeners (up to 128kbps)

The top package (only available through Triton Digital) gets you 1 Station, Live & Cloud Streaming, 50GB of Storage but doesn’t say anything about the amount of listeners or bandwidth/bitrate.

Only 50GB of cloud (server) storage? That’s no where near enough space for some stations especially those with huge music collections.

“Who wants to pay over $1560 a year to use SAM Broadcaster?”

Even after paying all that money to Spacial they then make the SAM Broadcaster Cloud EULA more restrictive than it needs to be.

Thankfully RadioDJ doesn’t have such silly limitations in its terms and conditions.

Mind what else would we expect from a company such as Spacial Audio?

As we’ve blogged before their customer service is terrible

It also appears SAM Broadcaster Cloud isn’t working as it should when people try and upload tracks to the server.

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Forget SAM Broadcaster Cloud and SAM Broadcaster Pro with it’s issues

“People are flocking to RadioDJ from SAM Broadcaster. The download stats don’t lie. There were over 220,000 downloads of RadioDJ v1.8.2”

How To Install RadioDJ

A new website is all well and good Spacial Audio but alas You can’t dress a wolf up in sheep’s clothing!

Last updated on: 2nd January 2020
at 11:35 AM Europe/London