It’s been another one of those months where I’ve seen people searching for cracked/pirated copies of SAM Broadcaster on Google Analytics.

Yes it’s another post about cracked copies of SAM Broadcaster! If people didn’t keep wanting pirated software then posts like this wouldn’t need writing.

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Some tweets also recently appeared on Twitter with links to downloads of pirated versions of SAM Broadcaster.

Now instead of the old style keygen/patch type cracks. It appears the new crack tools claim to be able to reset the SAM Broadcaster trial period.

We retested recently and Virus Total found Malware hidden in the reset tool.

People are still obviously so desperate for a copy of SAM Broadcaster and it seems that they’ll do anything to try and crack it.

How Spacial Audio can fight against new generations of SAM Broadcaster cracks is anyone’s guess.

These people trying to pirate SAM Broadcaster can’t of heard of RadioDJ FREE radio automation software.

Otherwise they wouldn’t be trying to patch/crack SAM Broadcaster.

RadioDJ free radio automation software

RadioDJ is FREE & doesn’t require and cracks/patches/keys to work the full program and is Virus/Malware free.

STOP using pirated radio automation software you’ll gain no respect from station owners and you may even be prosecuted by the company who make the software

Fact: RadioDJ will work better than any pirated/altered version of SAM Broadcaster.

If you see someone hawking pirated copies of SAM Broadcaster just give them a friendly reminder that what they are doing is Illegal!

Last updated on: 18th July 2019
at 17:44 PM Europe/London