While I’m not on most of the radio forums anymore, I do still occasionally read them and I’ve seen people having issues with MySQL 8 and RadioDJ.

Which has now lead Marius to post about using RadioDJ with MySQL 8

As you can tell from the tests Marius carried out its quite clear that MySQL 8 takes longer to process queries compared to MariaDB.

I found MySQL 8 to be bloated when it came to installing it to test a few months back, There were far too many options, Whereas MariaDB is simpler to install.

We’ve used MariaDB for the best part of 5 years now and it performs 100% better than Oracle MySQL ever did. Its never gone wrong on us.

If you are using MySQL8 and you’re having issues with RdaioDJ, Firstly backup your database and then Uninstall MySQL from your computer

Then download and install MariaDB

Once you’ve done that and confirmed MariaDB is running as a service then you need to restore the database backup you took with the database setup tool in RadioDJ.

You should notice a huge difference in playlist loading times etc…

It will benefit you and your radio station in the long run & you can be safe in the knowledge that things will run a lot better.