SAMBC2016Screenshot-compressorWhen you pay out hundreds of $$$ for radio automation software or cloud based automation solutions you would expect them to work without issues while doing a live show wouldn’t you?Unfortunately that isn’t the case with SAM Broadcaster…


Quote from Facebook: “I have been waiting for 6 hours since you said you will look into my issue and get back to me? Our station is OFF AIR!”


@Spacial SAM Broadcaster is sitting here with a yellow buffering error for hours… My show has been tanked REPEATEDLY thanks to your program’s consistent failures”


SAM Broadcaster Cloud Buffering.Things like this should NEVER happen to a DJ during a live radio show. Radio software is supposed to be stable and reliable.

We share this users frustrations especially on the buffering front. SAM Broadcaster still appears to suffer with the dreaded buffering issues it had over 10 years ago.

Since Spacial Audio launched SAM Broadcaster cloud we’ve heard nothing but bad press about the service on social media. We often see users complaining they struggle to get connected to the cloud or it buffers all the time when they do finally get connected.

As it stands right now we think SAM Broadcaster Cloud is nowhere near ready for use in a professional production environment.

“SAM Broadcaster Cloud may be OK for an amateur radio DJ doing a show from his bedroom with a few of his mates listening but its no good for the bigger online stations, You can’t run a radio stream or live show if the cloud/software doesn’t do what its supposed to”

Unfortunately that’s one of the big drawbacks with cloud based solutions…

IF something goes badly wrong on the server hosting the cloud solution, You have zero control over what happens and you end up with a dead stream, Which in turn costs you listeners.

Would you want constant buffering or frequent outages while trying to do a live show?

We don’t know about anyone else but we wouldn’t put up with constant buffering, We had enough of that when using SAM Broadcaster over 5 years ago.

If you’re thinking of subscribing to Spacial Audio cloud based services. Don’t bother It really doesn’t live up to the hype!

The customer service isn’t much better!

Last updated on: December 21st, 2017
at 10:38 AM Europe/London

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