Anyone who has ever used SAM Broadcaster can attest to how awful the built in Voice FX feature can be when it doesn’t work as advertised.

“My microphone does not reliably work within SAM Broadcaster. Every time I turn the microphone on and off again in the Voice FX panel, it will not work again the next time and that clearly isn’t great for a broadcast”

I tried and failed on several occasions to get the Voice FX working in SAM when I first started using the software.

Like the user quoted above it would work then it wouldn’t and along with other annoying sound issues it became tiresome.

Even when it worked you didn’t sound great through it, The audio was flaky at best even if you had a decent microphone routed through a mixing desk first.

Users suffering with this issue really should look at other solutions.

There are several great programs out there for better vocals and one of those is Voicemeeter it can route audio from various inputs and output the final mixed audio which then can be streamed using a stand alone encoder

We know of several users using Voicemeeter alongside RadioDJ and they sound really professional something you struggle to do using the built in VoiceFX feature in SAM Broadcaster.

You need to sound great otherwise you aren’t going to win many listeners.

“Its just another reason why SAM Broadcaster sucks IMHO, The Voice FX feature may be good for amateurs who don’t know any better but its not good for those who want to sound professional”

Remember: No one wants to listen to a crap sounding radio station.

Last updated on: 31st May 2019
at 08:47 AM Europe/London