I keep seeing Tweets about a revival for software for my first proper games console The Vectrex…

The Vectrex was my first proper games console and you know what I don’t half miss it.

When I opened it it was a complete surprise on the Christmas morning.

It had its own screen and worked on a cartridge system for games I had about 7/8 games for it as well as the built in Minestorm (Based on Asteroids)

It was amazing for its time it was one of my best ever presents.

The Vectrex was launched by Milton and Bradley games in 1982 although it was Christmas 1983 before I got mine they were going cheap in Woolworths.

The built in screen was revolutionary for its time and yes you needed colour sleeves to put in front of the screen.

I never got much chance to play on it at first as my brother and his mates seemed to take it over which was typical of them.

My favourite game for the console still has to be Scramble. I spent endless hours playing that and became quite good at it completing all the levels more than once.

The game pads on the Vectrex weren’t that well designed and if you treated then too rough the joystick would break

I ended up going through at least 3 handsets and the last one was the last we could get hold of anywhere the Vectrex just went into obscurity over night.

Which is sad when you think about it,

Knowing there are games in development for it in 2018 makes me wish I still had it and I should have rescued it when I had to sort my dads house out, just I had other things on my mind at the time.

I knew where it was it was in the shed hidden under junk (Probably with a family of Spiders living in it)

I have fond memories of that games console it was one of those systems that should have stood the test of time but sadly didn’t.

You can buy them on @ebay if you have a spare £750-£1500 to spare….