Just been for a look on the Spacial Audio Facebook page.

Yet again it would seem that their customer service and software are still NOT up to scratch.

You can see by these two posts that this is one much disgruntled! customer.

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What keeps going so wrong with Spacial Audio??

We already know their software isn’t worth the money they ask for it.

They promised a few years ago now that they would improve the customer service. That doesn’t appear to have happened.

It’s bad enough when 1 customer starts getting angry on Facebook let alone a whole raft of them.

And still the unhappy users keep coming…..

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I agree with one statement in the above pictures. Yes I think that Spacial Audio should stop making SAM Broadcaster as it never appears to work properly for broadcasting with.

I know there are of lots more unhappy Ex SAM Broadcaster users because they generally tend to swap to RadioDJ instead.

I don’t think a month goes by on the RadioDJ Forums without someone saying they have switched from SAM Broadcaster.

The message yet again is: Don’t buy SAM Broadcaster or any other software from Spacial Audio

You will only end up regretting it!

Last updated on: 9th May 2018
at 13:12 PM Europe/London