Have you ever wanted to move songs out of one Category into another on SAM Broadcaster Pro and found it ever so difficult?

A user on the forums appears to be having issues changing a song category.

While the newer 2019/2020 versions of SAM Broadcaster Pro/Studio have a file manager now, Its still fiddly trying to change a songs category in older versions.

Trying to change a songs category on SAM Broadcaster in the past has always been a challenge. More often than not you ended up with duplicates because you ended up having to reimport the song into another category.

Yes I’m sure you could move the track via the database if you know your SQL statements, But even then it wouldn’t be that straight forward the SAM Broadcaster database is a pain to do any SQL programming with.

TechMonkey had nothing but headaches trying to do any coding with the SAM Broadcaster database and he was a software technician who knew his way around an .SQL database.

You don’t have this issue with RadioDJ you can simply move tracks between categories using Track manager and Track edit.

You can switch songs between categories really easy.

You can have as many categories that you want in RadioDJ and its always easy to manage your tunes.

categorymanager radiodj

RadioDJ makes organising a music collection a pleasure NOT a chore like it is with other software.

You can have as many tracks in your RadioDJ database that you want. We know of users with 700K tracks in their libraries.

Whereas with certain database options in SAM you can only have 50,000 tracks.

How To Install RadioDJ

You can do so much more with RadioDJ than you can with SAM Broadcaster Pro its better at automation for starters.

Plus RadioDJ will work day in day out once setup. One user got 4 years uptime from RadioDJ v1.8.2.

Unfortunately as I know to my cost, you don’t get great stability from SAM Broadcaster it always crashes when you least want or need it too.

P.S: Did we mention RadioDJ is free for use by any DJ or radio station anywhere in the world?

Last updated on: 29th May 2020
at 09:18 AM Europe/London