The latest sour grapes from someone who had issues installing RadioDJ just takes the biscuit…


“Don’t use RadioDJ as automation. It give issues on your local machine with MariaDB/MySQL. Microsoft and others advice me to remove it.”

Microsoft remove?

Microsoft told you to remove RadioDJ? Excuse me while I laugh HA!

“A computer engineer told me it had bad malware in it”

That’s strange because when we scanned RadioDJ it came up as CLEAN!

The computer engineer was giving you bad advice as there is NO Malware in RadioDJ

Yes RadioDJ may be flagged up as suspicious by some Antivirus programs but its a FALSE/POSITIVE due to some code in the program being protected, Marius the author of RadioDJ states this on the Download page

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This user has since stated that Norton is his antivirus software, You’re not going to be able to run RadioDJ properly alongside Norton unless you ask it not to scan the RadioDJ folder (Which is perfectly safe)

Besides Norton is known to cause problems on a computer due to the fact it takes everything over and hogs system resources.

We’ve used RadioDJ for over 5 years now and haven’t once had an issue with MySQL/MariaDB either. The database in RadioDJ is simple to setup and maintain.

RadioDJ isn’t remotely dodgy & it works great without issues once you get it setup and working properly.

Something this user seem to have had major problems with. (We think the problem exists between the keyboard and the chair)

The user was sent links to tutorials on how to set RadioDJ up and it appears that he chose to ignore them.

Instead he just had “QUEENY/HISSY” fits and started slinging abuse at me & others who had genuinely tried helping him in the first instance.

How about you cut the bullshit and stop being rude? I swear people like this give me gas…


Couple of days after writing this post the user in question started posting tweets about his install of Windows 10 going wrong on him.

If your OS isn’t running smoothly. How about a reinstall?

So I was right yet again it wasn’t a problem with RadioDJ but with the person operating the PC.

Last updated on: July 19th, 2017
at 18:48 PM Europe/London

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