It really annoys me when people try to make out RadioDJ isn’t a Professional radio automation program because it doesn’t have a Microphone input or Voice FX button like SAM Broadcaster.

RadioDJ had a microphone input back in the days of v1.6.0 and it has already been discussed at length on the forums as to why the newer versions of the software don’t have a microphone input.

Quote from Marius the developer of RadioDJ:

You won’t get a professional result if you just stick the microphone into the computer, It will cause all sorts of latency issues plus it won’t sound any good.

Like any normal radio station it’s better to run all the audio sources through a “mixing desk” one with sliding controls then send the final audio to the encoding software or transmitter.

A decent 4/6 channel mixing desk with sliding controls would suffice and shouldn’t have to cost the earth.


I paid around £90 for a four channel Citronic mixing desk (Like the one above) from eBay.

If you can’t afford a mixing desk outright put some money to one side each week/month & SAVE up for it. It’s what most of the people who do Internet radio as a hobby had to do!

RadioDJ free radio automation software

There is a simple solution to using a microphone along side Radio DJ without having to use an input button.

How to get your microphone sound to the encoder?

Providing you have your mixer set up properly you should have no problems speaking over your stream.

It’s really not that difficult! You will find you have a much more professional sounding stream in the long run.

So can we stop with the comments like this please?

“But RadioDJ isn’t a proper radio studio program because it doesn’t have a microphone input”

When all is said and done RadioDJ is a program for automating your music/jingles/promos/streams etc…

Stop expecting software to do everything for you!

You don’t have to take my advice… But you’ll sound less like an amateur if you take some of the suggestions onboard!

Last updated on: 26th October 2019
at 18:38 PM Europe/London