The newest version of MB Recaster a stand alone encoder software was released recently with a whole host of improvements and nifty features.

  • Added OPUS and Apple AAC, Apple AAC requires installation of iTunes or QuickTime on your computer
  • MP3 24 to 320k, AAC+ 16 to 96k, AAC 128 to 320k, Opus 20 to 320K, OGG 32 to 256K
  • Save current connections count to a text file CurrentListeners.txt
  • New internal server: stream directly from your computer without a stream host server

We don’t know how the internal server part works as we haven’t tested it yet, All we know is you’re required to map a TCP port on your router for it to work, you may have to ask the authors of MB Recaster on their forums.

The fact it now outputs the listener count(s) from multiple servers to a text file is great because now people can use it alongside RadioDJ free radio automation.

RadioDJ reads the listener count from a .txt file and the History plugin records how many listeners you have.

MB Recaster is fast turning into my favourite standalone encoder as it has come on leaps and bounds this past couple of years.

Download MB Recaster

Last updated on: 25th September 2018
at 14:51 PM Europe/London