Just been looking back on various posts on my Facebook page from around this time 3 years ago.

I realised it was around June 2014 when we were first made aware of MariaDB an alternative to Oracle MySQL

Since that first install 3 years ago things have ran smoothly. We’ve not had to rebuild the RadioDJ database from scratch once.

We take daily backups of our SQL database using the database setup tool that comes with RadioDJ

OK so we’ll be honest with you, Yes we’ve had a database crash on us after a sudden power failure but we found the database was easily fixed by using HeidiSQL to run quick repair on the database.

(MariaDB should install that for you)


Less than a 2 minute job (if that) to get RadioDJ backup and running, We didn’t even need to restore a backup which was an added bonus.

“We’ve upgraded to several different versions of MariaDB in the last 3 years and not once has the program spluttered or complained”

It’s also worth pointing out that the computer we run RadioDJ on with MariaDB has also been upgraded to Windows 10 since we first installed MariaDB. It didn’t seem to complain or break when we did that either.

It makes life so much easier when software just works as it was designed. Much kudos to the team at MariaDB!

It also helps that RadioDJ has such a good SQL database structure, It’s rare we need to do maintenance on it.

Which is another reason we love RadioDJ free radio automation.

RadioDJ & MariaDB a marriage made in heaven? We certainly think so!

You can find out how to install MariaDB Here

Why couldn’t it have been this simple when we were using “other” database software?

We’re now 100% powered by MariaDB on our VPS and home computers.

Last updated on: November 6th, 2017
at 11:39 AM Europe/London

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