We came across MariaDB after a user posted on the RadioDJ forums that they were using it with RadioDJ.

I have to admit I was surprised by how easy MariaDB was to install. It’s a lot more straight forward than the normal MySQL installer. Its not as fiddly as setting up MySQL server edition.

If you have previously had MySQL installed you will need to see this article about removing it as a service

1) Download the Maria DB MSI installer for your version of Windows Here

2) Open the file & Install and run when Windows prompts.

3) On the licence agreement screen check the accept box. Click next.

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4) On the next screen will be the components you need to install don’t change anything here just click next.

5) You should now have a screen that says “Modify password for database user root” Enter your desired password.

Tip: Write this password down or even open notepad and save it on your desktop. You will need it later in RadioDJ.

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6) On the next screen you should see this. Keep the default settin
gs apart from the buffer size change that to something like 255MB. Click next.

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7) You should then see a tick box “Enable feedback plugin” I didn’t bother enabling it. Just click next If you don’t want to send feedback.

8) You should now have a screen like this.

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Click install & If all goes to plan MariaDB server should be installed.

Once you have verified via task manager that SQL is running as a service (mysqld.exe) then you can install the RadioDJ Database.

How To Install RadioDJ

Setting up a database for use with an automation program needn’t be difficult

Try not to use “root” as default user for requests you can find how to create another SQL user Here

Last updated on: 11th March 2019
at 18:39 PM Europe/London