I visited the Spacial forums recently just to see what the latest gripes/issues about SAM Broadcaster were.

I saw this post from a user and boy did it make me smile!

“I purchased SAM Broadcaster many years ago and my son enjoyed learning and broadcasting. Infact I was quite impressed and jealous until he said to me “Dad remember you always said I can make money out of SAM Broadcaster? Well this man I spoke to online said he would give me £10 if I gave him the serial number to help him out”


It turns out this guy’s son has gone and sold his SAM Broadcaster key and account details to a complete stranger online for £10.

(SAM Broadcaster costs $299)

Oh dear what a pity nevermind!

Looks like this user is now going to have to pay out all over again for a new key for SAM Broadcaster. Since the days of SAM Broadcaster 4.x.x the program can only ever be activated on 3 computers.

It’s actually against the terms of the SAM Broadcaster EULA to resell the program onto someone else, That’s because you only actually LEASE the software you don’t own it outright.

“What do I do next?”

We don’t think there is a great deal you will be able to do about it TBH!

Your key for SAM Broadcaster will now be out in the wilds of the Internet!

You don’t have this sort of issue when it comes to software such as RadioDJ.

Click to enlarge

RadioDJ doesn’t require key codes to work the full program and is also 100% FREE (No catches or hidden fees)

Download RadioDJ v2

No more worrying that your child is going to pull a fast one by selling on software keys that they have no right to sell on!

Moral of the story? “Always watch and monitor what your children do on the computer & tell them that they shouldn’t share keys for software even if someone offers them cash for it”

Last updated on: 19th September 2017
at 16:29 PM Europe/London