A station owner posted a feature request on the RadioDJ forums asking for a GPIO system inclusion in the software.

“Is possible to add GPIO to an event like a play/stop command it could be used turn ON/OFF channels on the mixer, Also I would like to have spots management and scheduling in radio DJ. It would be great for Radio DJ to have a Web interface from which I can import track/spots, scheduling, reports and other things or drupal modules”

gpio radio dj

Nothing wrong in that I hear you say…

Yes indeed there was nothing wrong with the suggestion other users suggest some great features for the software.

Marius the author of RadioDJ replied with this:

“When I started this project, my main target were the hobby users for which the money was a problem. You clearly are not in that category, due your setup and amount of investment. I mean, even free things have their own limitations, In the near future I will introduce some commercial features used and needed by professionals, but at very competitive prices, but I will also improve the free version”

We guess this means Commercial radio stations wanting “professional” features included in future versions of RadioDJ will have to pay for those extra features.

“Why shouldn’t station owners who make a profit from their station pay $$$ for added features?”

If Marius wants to start charging for certain features/plugins in RadioDJ then that’s his decision. After all he’s kept the program free for the hobby broadcasters for a long time.

Us hobby broadcasters will still be able to download the FREE version to play around with (If users don’t want to pay for the pro version)

When we said in previous blog posts about commercial radio stations using RadioDJ we weren’t joking!

“We know of a few professional FM stations who use RadioDJ as their play out system. It’s nice that bigger stations are starting to take notice of the program”

They’ve obviously seen the potential in the software.


It appears that RadioDJ is more popular than ever at the moment, With just over 200,000 downloads of v1.8.2.

We guess that’s because online radio station owners are trying to save what cash they can at the moment. Due to rising costs from Licensing authorities.

We’re really happy that Marius stated the normal version of RadioDJ will still be available for free.

After all his original aim was to provide decent radio automation software for those who couldn’t afford big bucks for other software that costs lots of $$$.

The program being free is one of the reasons we like the software so much.

“We’ve used the program since late 2010 now and it’s clear that RadioDJ is coded by someone who is passionate about helping other radio broadcasters”

If you haven’t discovered RadioDJ yet then what are you waiting for?

RadioDJ free radio automation software

Its amazing what great radio software can do for your station and Radio DJ does what it’s supposed to and that’s automate music/jingles/promos & streams.

How To Install RadioDJ

We’ve never known a piece of software to be so amazing at what it does… Thank you Marius!

We look forward to see what features you come up with for the commercial stations.

Last updated on: 5th September 2018
at 12:41 PM Europe/London