The 31st of January 2016 will go down in history as a dark day for Internet radio when Live365 closes down.

The closure of such a big player in the streaming industry is going to leave 1000’s of Internet radio stations/broadcasters without a licensed stream.

It was Live365 that sparked my interest in Internet radio way back in 1999/2000 time.

I listened to a lot of different stations via dial-up some I enjoyed some I didn’t.

In March 2003 Live365 launched an ad-free VIP membership service.

Needless to say I stopped listening to stations on Live365 as I wasn’t going to pay for a VIP membership just to listen to music without adverts and as you might have guessed…

“I don’t like adverts on Internet radio stations”

You get enough advertisements on “mainstream” FM stations.


So what next for Internet radio? We’re not sure what’s going to happen TBH

We think a lot of the hobby broadcasters who broadcast via Live365 will just give up streaming altogether.

The new CRB rates in the USA are out of reach of most broadcasters wallets & means. Not everyone is going to be able to afford around $2000 a month in licence fees/royalty payments. It seems streaming is now a rich mans game.

We’re aware of several petitions doing the rounds to try and save Internet radio. Alas we don’t think anyone anywhere will take notice TBH.

Politicians rarely take notice of petitions in the UK even when they have over 100,000 signatures.

Most Politicians are only in it for what financial gain they can get out of it. Yes I’m saying politics is CORRUPT!

Then again so is the music industry! Corruption has ran through the music industry for years it’s nothing new.

We all know the closure of Live365 is directly linked to The RIAA & royalty agencies becoming ever more GREEDY!

Someone said this on a forum recently.

“Artists rarely see any major amounts of money. It’s the record labels and the royalty collection agencies that are the greedy lot. You would be surprised at how many well known artists have had to sue their record labels over royalty money not paid out”

Even when the Artists do see some of their royalties some of them don’t bother to pay taxes on their earnings!

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We wouldn’t blame anyone if they decided to setup a PRIVATE Shoutcast/Icecast server and went Pirate.

We don’t think that anyone really checks if an online radio station is legit or not. We know of several online stations listed on Shoutcast and Icecast who have been on air over 16+ years and they’ve never paid for licence to stream (as far as we are aware).

Of course this latest blow to Internet radio is also going to have knock on implications for stream hosting companies and software companies, who will see customers not renewing subscriptions to streaming/software packages after January 31st.

So long & farewell Live365!

“RIAA greed really has killed the radio star!”

**Update 21/08/2016**

It looks like Live365 may be rising like a phoenix from the ashes again see this post

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