Its getting on for 8 years since I started this blog & Just when I thought I’d read every piece of drivel moaning/complaining about what I get up to along comes another blog post about this website.

The post claimed the posts we’ve made on here promoting FREE software over paid for software are just one HUGE marketing gimmick (apparently…)

RadioDJ v1.8.2 was downloaded over 220,000 times. The last stable release of the software has had over 60,000 downloads.

I started this website to try and get a few things off my chest about software that didn’t work as intended and to try and promote freely available software where possible.

I didn’t quite realise that I’d been employing marketing gimmicks this whole time. I must slap myself on the wrist

Its just more MUD SLINGING from a software company that sells a paid for piece of radio automation software. While people are downloading the better free alternative no one is paying for their overpriced naff software solutions.

That’s why they are SO Paranoid!

I will NOT be told what to write or promote when it comes to this website, if you don’t like what is written on this site again its simple there are other Blogs you could be reading.

If you haven’t discovered RadioDJ yet what’s stopping you? We can guarantee that it will OUT PERFORM paid for Internet radio automation software solutions.

RadioDJ free radio automation software internet radio

How To Install RadioDJ

I’m far to thick skinned these days to listen to other people’s opinions about what I do.

Now if you don’t mind I’ve got some awesome software to go and promote…

Oh look there goes another marketing gimmick…HA!