Someone tweeted me yesterday to say they were going to try RadioDJ free radio automation software.

radioDJ free radio automation 2016

Later on I received this tweet.

@DJGaryBaldy After spending time with RadioDJ, it isn’t looking good. Can’t seem to handle loading a large playlist without freezing, takes minutes to load.

Marius the author of the software stated this before on the forums about playlists:

The user went on to mention the number 25,000 in a later Tweet regarding loading the playlist into Winamp.

“Our key is a randomized playlist of over 25,000 tracks”

If that’s the size of the playlist he was trying to load into RadioDJ then there’s no wonder RadioDJ froze.

At the end of the day it’s down to the processing power of your PC & the amount of connections MySQL can handle, It’s NOT a limitation of RadioDJ!

We’d imagine other well known radio automation software would probably throw its toys out of the pram if you tried loading a large 25,000 track playlist into it.

Rather than trying to load huge playlists why not let RadioDJ do what it does best?

Leaving RadioDJ running on AutoDJ using track rotations is a better way to manage your music, You can choose which categories/genres to load at a set time each day.

We’ve never had RadioDJ crash on us when loading playlists and that’s mainly because we’ve never asked the program to do more than it can handle.

If you really need to use playlists try breaking them down into smaller chunks.

Make playlists in 2 or 4 hour blocks instead & load those playlists via events at the time you want them.

Please Note: With the newer versions of RadioDJ the amount of time a playlist can be calculated from a rotation with the playlist builder is 60 minutes.

Last updated on: 15th September 2019
at 08:30 AM Europe/London