Icons of the Glasgow skyline were demolished yesterday. The Red Road flats in the north east of the city.

Red Road FlatsRed-Road-Flats-North-Glasgow


I’ve been interested in tower blocks and skyscrapers for years.

Despite me suffering from a fear of heights (anything over 12 floors legs go to jelly)

There’s no way you would have knowingly got me anywhere near the 30th floor of one of those blocks.

I’ve been keeping a close eye on what’s been happening with the demolition of these blocks since they demolished 2 other blocks a few years back.

Why all this interest for a set of tower blocks I’d never lived near?

Well we live in a tower block in Manchester that’s only 12 floors unlike the blocks on Red Road.

It’s always good fun watching a building being blown up even if you don’t know anything about it.

Watched them blow up a few tall structures on TV programs.

The Red Road tower blocks were something the like of Glasgow will never see again.

My family were from Glasgow (Blackhill) and I’d pretty much imagined that we would have ended up on an estate similar to Red Road had my Dad not moved away from Glasgow to Scunthorpe in the late 1950s.

Despite the issues with the Red Road flats over the years people seem to be remembering them fondly on Twitter.

Here’s hoping that Glasgow Housing don’t just leave the land to rot and actually build some decent houses to replace these blocks.

That’s when they finish the job off and demolish the rest of those 2 blocks that didn’t fall as planned.

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Last updated on: 3rd November 2017
at 15:15 PM Europe/London