I first discovered RadioDJ in November 2010 via Google search because I was fed up with SAM Broadcaster being flaky and unreliable.

SAM Broadcaster PRO Stopped working

As the title of this post would suggest I’ve had to stand strong against a tide of abuse, vitriol and nasty comments this past 12 years all because of my dislike for SAM Broadcaster Pro

I got called names like Noob or Turd on the SAM Broadcaster forums by one of the support volunteers.

Which in turn made me want to stop broadcasting because the abuse made me depressed and anxious.

Those people know who they are and they should be thoroughly ashamed for the way they’ve spoken to me on forums or social media while I’ve been singing RadioDJ’s praises over Sham Broadcaster.

I’ve had abuse for basically liking a free piece of software over something that costs an eye watering $299

I never have understood the price tag for SAM the software is just not worth the $$$ Spacial Audio Solutions have the Gaul to charge for it.

I could understand that price tag if SAM worked as it was designed but it never has.

I lost a DJ position on a now defunct station way back in 2002 because SAM Broadcaster kept doing one while I was attempting to do a live show.

I lost a LOT of self confidence as a DJ because of SAM not working, So you can understand my frustrations with it.

Instead of people battling against me it would be nice if they worked with me to sing RadioDJ’s praises because quite frankly its simply THE BEST piece of Radio playout software on the market right now.

Its rare to hear any bad press about RadioDJ all the testimonials on the forums are glowing.

RadioDJ Testimonials

Radio DJ 2020

How To Install RadioDJ

I will continue to promote RadioDJ for as along as Marius has a passion for coding his software.

If you really have an issue with me liking & promoting a free piece of software over an overpriced & buggy one then YOU need your bumps feeling!

Now If you don’t mind I have other things to do!

Last updated on: 22nd May 2020
at 12:14 PM Europe/London