I recently saw this post on Social media I have to say it didn’t surprise me one bit.

@Spacial I’ve never been so mad at a support line, Worst technical support I have ever experienced. looking for a new service Thnx 4 nothing

As you can see from this tweet this guy isn’t happy with the lack of help from Spacial Audio support. When will people learn?

After you buy software from Spacial Audio you will NOT get the help & support that you need when their software goes wrong.

Spacial Audio say as much in their EULA they’re not duty bound to help you with software issues even though you’ve paid $$$ for privilege.

Paragraphs like that made me cringe, You pay out hundreds of $$$ for a piece of software and they (Spacial Audio Solutions LLC) wash their hands of you (the customer) as soon as they have your money.

Its WRONG! In so many ways.

Not a week passes without me seeing someone struggling to do a live radio show because SAM Broadcaster wasn’t working.

SAM Broadcaster tends to crash and freeze pretty often it’s never been a stable or reliable program.

When someone has an issue there is NEVER an excuse for fobbing off or even lying to a customer wanting help after they’ve paid you for a service/program.

Bad Customer service

If Spacial Audio were a UK company someone would have taken them to trading standards by now.

I’ve been accused of lying about Spacial Audio and their shockingly bad customer service & apparently I also lie about SAM Broadcaster and it’s many problems.

If you’re a DJ or radio station owner and you’re looking for a radio automation program forget paying $$$ to Spacial for SAM Broadcaster.

The smart DJ’s and radio station owners are switching to RadioDJ free radio automation software.

RadioDJ free radio automation software internet radio

How To Install RadioDJ

RadioDJ won’t crash on you like SAM Broadcaster and has far better software support via the community ran forums.

RadioDJ Community Forums

There are NO hidden fees or catches with RadioDJ despite what certain radio software manufacturers might try and make out in their blog posts.

People really need to STOP buying software from Spacial Audio

SAM Broadcaster Pro really is as badly programmed as the posts on this blog make out..

If Spacial Audio carry on treating their customers badly or keep treating support tickets like confetti soon they won’t have any customers left to support…

Last updated on: 5th October 2019
at 12:34 PM Europe/London