I looked at the Spacial Audio page on Facebook and couldn’t help but notice an angry user venting about various issues with SAM Broadcaster.

We can sympathise with the user venting his frustrations on Facebook, We used SAM Broadcaster for over 10 years and had nothing but headaches with constant crashing/buffering & freezing issues.

SAM Broadcaster encoders buffering

This user shouldn’t have to stop running his radio station, He just needs to use more reliable radio automation software.

He wouldn’t have any of these crashing/stability issues if he switched to RadioDJ to stream his station.


When we first used RadioDJ we used it to run 2 streams, 1 for another radio station and one for our own listening pleasure.

We ran standalone encoders alongside RadioDJ and it worked for weeks without needing a restart.

We’ve now used RadioDJ since 2011 and it has NEVER let us down.

How To Install RadioDJ

We just use RadioDJ to automate our music around the flat these days.

We can leave RadioDJ to automate without needing to constantly restart, repair or reinstall the program.

Last updated on: 14th July 2019
at 16:02 PM Europe/London