Customer service? What customer service?

I keep seeing posts on Twitter from quite a few long time users of SAM Broadcaster who constantly seem to complain about Spacial Audio support and not getting help from them.

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When I asked one of the users on Twitter as to why he puts up with the crap customer support he said this …

“It’s not the software I have an issue with, it’s the appalling customer service”

So you’re not having any issues with SAM Broadcaster? Just Spacial audio customer service?

If that’s the case why are you constantly complaining about the programs stability & crashing problems then?

“We have to cancel shows this weekend because of SAM… again… We can’t use SAM because of the ongoing and un-fixed crash bug”

Also why are you still paying out $$$ for software subscriptions every year, if the software constantly crashes and goes wrong for you?

We certainly wouldn’t be putting up with it if we were paying out $$$ for Spacial software. We already know from past experiences that SAM Broadcaster is prone to crashing without warning and that’s down the amount of bugs in the software.

New version, new Windows, same shattered software

“I could never get the program to work properly way back in the days of SAM Broadcaster v2.7.9. I had no end of headaches with different versions of SAM (2/3) on my XP machine. It caused us no end of problems on other operating systems too (Vista? Don’t even go there!) and even Windows 7”

The latest versions of SAM Broadcaster appear to be among the worst builds Spacial Audio have ever released, We’ve seen LOTS of complaints from angry users this past couple of months that they are missing their radio shows because Spacial software has let them down.

So I’ll ask the question again… WHY are you still putting up with this crap?

IF these users actually took the time to try RadioDJ they would find all their stability/crashing issues would be history & that they’d be able to get on with their radio shows as planned.

RadioDJ is so amazingly stable and great at automating music, jingles, promos and even streams and doesn’t complain or use all the CPU like SAM Broadcaster.

We’ve used RadioDJ since January 2011 & the program has done everything we’ve ever asked of it, even the beta builds of RadioDJ performed better than SAM Broadcaster for stability and reliability

OK so you might need to use an external encoder to stream with when using RadioDJ but that still isn’t a valid excuse for not trying a piece of software.

We streamed quite successfully running 2 copies of RadioDJ v1.6.0 alongside standalone encoders a few years back. 1 stream was a backup for another radio station and our own personal private stream.

We find RadioDJ works best using a Stand alone encoding program to stream.

Which then frees up RadioDJ to do what it does best: automate!

We still get a lots of attitude for promoting the benefits of RadioDJ (Pathetic isn’t it?)

We wish we knew what peoples problem is with free radio automation software.

The way some people react when we suggest RadioDJ as an alternative to their problems with SAM…

You’d think we’d just suggested they use a radioactive turd from Chernobyl

Seriously though why bother to complain on social media about SAM Broadcaster crashing on you, if the software company you are complaining to doesn’t take a blind bit of notice about your complaint or problems anyway?

The customer service from Spacial Audio has always been lacklustre at best and even the forums are staffed by volunteers who don’t care about the product or it’s customers.

It’s time people woke up to just how bad Spacial Audio are as a software company.

“STOP buying software products from Spacial Audio you’re only paying them to make even more bad software.

They never seem to listen to their users, and ultimately that could well be their downfall!

Last updated on: 23rd July 2018
at 17:08 PM Europe/London