As the topic of the post suggests its not just SAM Broadcaster that suffers with stability problems, other Spacial Audio software suffers from the same problem especially SAM DJ (Formerly SAM Party DJ)

Theses searches were recently made on Google and then they landed on this website.

Then there was also this post recently elsewhere on the Internet.

“I bought Sam DJ today and it keeps crashing after about 15 minutes. Can anyone tell me why. I’m on my laptop with Windows 10”

I tried SAM Party DJ a few years back & yes it was as annoying as SAM Broadcaster it was never reliable enough to run a party night with.

SAM DJ is really only a stripped down version of SAM Broadcaster (Minus Encoders and PAL scripts) when all is said and done and there are also lots of stability problems with that piece of software.

One day Spacial Audio might (I said Might) get round to releasing software that doesn’t crash every 10-15 minutes as was the case for the user I quoted.

It really beggars belief that people are still paying $$$ to Spacial Audio for their badly programmed software.

Anyone who fancies being a radio DJ could do worse than try RadioDJ, A free music automation system that works far better than any of Spacial Audio’s automation offerings.

You have nothing to lose by trying RadioDJ what’s the worst that could happen?

How To Install RadioDJ

If I was still doing DJ work, I’d be using RadioDJ to DJ with as it crossfades amazingly well something else that SAM DJ/Broadcaster struggles to do.

Last updated on: 26th May 2020
at 14:39 PM Europe/London