For this past week we’ve been having ongoing technology/computer problems.

RadioDJ was acting strangely, Large gaps of silence between tracks and some tracks were being cut off prematurely.

I knew when we started having these issues that it definitely wasn’t the software at fault.

Then the external hard drive packed up altogether giving us horrible I/O read errors which is strange considering it’s only around a year old. We’re hoping Seagate can fix that for us.

We moved music files onto the spare hard drive in the main PC yesterday only to find that was also causing us the same large gaps of silence and tracks being cut off in RadioDJ.

Last night we moved one music folder over to the C:\ drive to run some more tests and today RadioDJ is playing away as it should crossfading as it should with no large gaps and no silence between tracks.

We now suspect both drives may have been corrupted one way or another by a slight millisecond power outage.

We should have realised what was going wrong. We’re both knowledgable enough around computers.

So after all the headaches it’s turned out to be a computer hardware/disk issue that was to blame for all problems we were having.

If I’d had any hair left to tear out it would have been gone by now while trying to figure this one out.

Top Tip: If you’re experiencing the same issues with tracks not playing or skipping/freezing in RadioDJ have a look at your hardware/disks they could well be the culprit/cause.

Last updated on: 16th August 2019
at 17:52 PM Europe/London