A few users of RadioDJ recently took to the RadioDJ forums to vent their frustrations over their antivirus software claiming there was a Trojan in the program files and that their PC wouldn’t let them download/install it.

RadioDJ free radio automation 2016

We had a similar warning from Windows Defender on Windows 10 about the RadioDJ reports .exe file which we chose to ignore we just added the RadioDJ program folder to the exclusion list.

You won’t have these issues if you tell antivirus software to ignore certain folders/files/paths.

Marius has said this on the forums.

Marius simply would NOT program something like a virus into the software, The reason for these false-positive results is because he’s simply trying to protect parts of his code.

Yes that’s right some of the paid for radio automation often dials home. Letting those software companies know just how you are using their software.

I’ve been bitten on the arse by so many viruses in what appeared to be genuine software in the past but that’s one thing We’ve not had to worry about with Marius’s releases of RadioDJ.

I’ve ignored the warning in Windows error logs from Windows Defender and the Windows 10 machine is chugging along without any errors.

If you still don’t believe us after this post then there is no hope for you my friend!

Last updated on: 8th November 2019
at 06:55 AM Europe/London