A few users of RadioDJ recently took to the RadioDJ forums to vent their frustrations over his antivirus software claiming there was a Trojan in the program files and that his PC wouldn’t let them download/install it.


We’ve had a similar warning from Windows Defender on Windows 10 about the RadioDJ reports .exe file which we chose to ignore.

However Marius has said this on the forums.

“I never compromised releases with any malware/adware, but many antivirus programs don’t like to see obfuscated code, so from time to time there are false positives, most of the time reported by some less well ranked antivirus solutions. I can’t do much about them, sadly”

Marius simply would NOT program something like a virus into the software, The reason these false-positive results occur is because he’s simply trying to protect parts of his code from being nicked by other developers.

Having used RadioDJ since 2010 We can safely say hand on heart, honest truth that there never has been any Malware, Spyware or Viruses in RadioDJ.

“Please take my word for it there is NO Malware nor are there any viruses in RadioDJ I wouldn’t have it anywhere near any of my machines IF I thought for one minute there was an issue”

I’ve been Bitten on the arse by so many viruses in what appeared to be genuine software in the past but that’s one thing I’ve not had to worry about that with any or Marius’s releases of RadioDJ

If you still don’t believe us after this post then there is no hope for you my friend! You need to tell that crappy antivirus program of yours to stop taking over the computer! You don’t have these issues if you tell AV software to ignore certain folders/files.

I’ve ignored the warning in Windows error logs from Windows Defender and the Windows 10 machine is chugging along without any errors.

P.S From Marius: To answer to a user’s question if the program can’t be infected without my knowledge before releasing it. I’m using licensed versions of Kaspersky which are running on all my computers and i also use online services like virustotal.com, which tests the program with multiple antivirus engines, before uploading the installer to the public

Last updated on: 14th August 2018
at 11:16 AM Europe/London