We’ve been having a few issues with our main Windows 10 PC for the past few days, It’s been crawling and crashing at random intervals.

We gave it a service the other day thinking it was fluff blocking the vents/fans/cpu that was causing the PC to go slow.

Nope even after giving it a bit of TLC it still wasn’t working as it should have done. Windows still kept crawling along…


Only after tearing our hair out for a couple of days did we realise that the external hard drive was the culprit.

Something has gone badly wrong with it. I thought it strange when songs wouldn’t load into the Playlist of RadioDJ.

“We only bought the 2TB Seagate hard drive last year. It shouldn’t be failing like this on us already”

We expect a hard drive to last a lot longer than 13 months. We haven’t abused it so it should be still working.

Thankfully it was still under warranty from Seagate so we hope replacing or getting it fixed shouldn’t be too much of a ball ache.

Isn’t technology wonderful? When it works yes it is… When it goes badly wrong it can be flaming frustrating.

Hopefully normal service will resume next week so I can listen to my music collection again. (Thankfully it’s backed up)

“It seems we had a slight power failure for a split millisecond last week. It corrupted 2 hard drives”

I want the new hard drives to arrive, I’m getting bored with listening to commercial radio already.

Top Tip: If your computer happens to be crashing or crawling along like ours was, Then it’s a good idea to check the health of your hard drives and hardware to see if anything is failing or about to fail.

Last updated on: 23rd July 2018
at 17:13 PM Europe/London