Another question I often get asked is will RadioDJ run natively on an Apple Mac/Macbook?


However there is a way to Installing RadioDJ on an Apple Mac but (unfortunately) it does involve a copy of Windows to be installed.

Download & install VMware Fusion Powerfully Simple Virtual Machine for Mac

1) Make a virtual disc image (.vmdk) from a Windows OS installer (.iso) give it a minimum of 1GB RAM.

We run ours with at least 6GB RAM on a machine containing 16GB of RAM

2) Install all Windows updates you will need to make sure .NET 4.6.1 is installed as its required to run RadioDJv2

3) Install an MySQL database server such as Maria DB

A guide to installing @MariaDB can be found Here

4) Download the latest version of RadioDJ and run the executable to install the software to C:\RadioDJv2

5) Install the RadioDJ database from the “databasesetup.exe” file inside the setup folder this should pop up on first run.

6) Install Virtual Audio cables you can find these by searching Google

If all has gone to plan you should be good to start importing your music into RadioDJ and once you have that sorted you should be good to start streaming.

It’s really not that difficult to use RadioDJ and still be able to control it on a Mac or even Macbook.

Last updated on: 15th September 2019
at 11:37 AM Europe/London