Recently a couple of users of RadioDJ free radio automation software asked how they should go about transferring the RadioDJ settings to a new computer.

RadioDJ free radio automation software

Are there files that I can copy and paste onto the new machine so it will have the same rotation, cue marks, events, and other settings? Please advise.

Moving RadioDJ to a new machine with the same settings is really easy.

Just follow a few simple steps and it’s easy as ABC

1) On the old machine running RadioDJ take a database backup using the database setup tool. This will backup rotations/playlists/songs/events etc… Also backup the RadioDJ program folder onto the USB drive. This will preserve your settings.

2) Make sure you Copy the .sql backup file onto the same USB pen drive.

3) Install MariaDB on the new machine. Once you have verified (mysqld.exe) is running as a service move onto the next step.

4) Copy the RadioDJ folder from the USB drive onto the C:\ drive of the new machine and give it full “Administrator” read/write privileges.

5) Using the database setup tool install the RadioDJ database. Ideally give it the same name it had on the old machine. If you see “MySQL server online” then move onto the next step.

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6) Use the “restore database” button at the top to restore the .sql backup file from the USB pen.

7) Where possible try and make sure the music files have the same folder/path they had on the old computer. If they have a different file path/structure just use “Relocate tracks” from the utilities menu and RadioDJ will find the songs again.

Relocating tracks may take a while if you have a large library, Hence why we recommend having the music files with the same destination folders.

Once you’ve verified everything is the same as it was on the old machine then you should be good to start streaming.

It really isn’t that difficult to move RadioDJ onto a new computer and it ideally shouldn’t take you more than 30 minutes.

It’s just another reason why RadioDJ ROCKS! as an automation program.

Download RadioDJ v2.0.0.1

If you should run into any problems help and advice is avilable through the RadioDJ Community Forums

Last updated on: July 19th, 2017
at 19:01 PM Europe/London

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