Came across a link on social media recently that said there was a vulnerability found in SAM Broadcaster 2018.7

Technical Details & Description:

A local Insecure Library Loading vulnerability has been discovered in the official Sam Broadcaster Pro 2018.7 software.

The issue allows local attackers to inject code to vulnerable dynamic link libraries to compromise the process or to gain higher system access privileges. Thus allows a local attacker to compromise the system process of the affected software to follow up with manipulations.

Read the report here

This is not the first time we’ve heard of vulnerabilities in the code for SAM Broadcaster a few years back there was some concern about the request system being compromised in so some way. We’re not even sure if that was fixed.

We’ve head of other problems with SAM Broadcaster 2018, The main complaints we’ve seen from users are about the stability it keeps crashing for some users.

Things like that should never happen with radio automation software.

AFAIK there are no such vulnerabilities in RadioDJ. Well there haven’t been any reported that I can see its a far better written piece of software.

Thanks to CX Security ( for bringing this vulnerability in SAM to peoples attention.

This not me bashing SAM Broadcaster this is me making people aware that there is a vulnerability in the software that they paid $$$ for.

Why is it Spacial Audio can’t seem to get anything right when it comes to their software?

Last updated on: 5th September 2018
at 12:39 PM Europe/London