So you’ve installed your RadioDJ database (Congratulations)

Next you’ll be wanting to import/install music tracks into the program.

In RadioDJ you do this from the options menu or tracks manager.


You have 2 options when it comes to adding music to RadioDJ “Directory Import” & “Track Import”


Directory Import imports an entire music folder. You do that by clicking on the folder icon at the top right hand of the box and navigate to the folder you want to import.

“You may find It may take a while to import large folders of music into the software, This is a limitation of MySQL connections and your computers processing power”

You select the subcategory/category you want the songs in and then click Import. If you have a large number of songs in a folder it may take time to import all those songs.


Track Import imports a single track. You do that by clicking on the blue/white cross at the top right hand of the box.

Before you import the track you need to sort the subcategory/category out like you did for the folder import.

Then you click on Import. The song should now be searchable from tracks manager.

It’s not that difficult to import music into RadioDJ. Still stuck? Then head over to the RadioDJ Community Forums for friendly help and advice.

RadioDJ Community Forums

Last updated on: 10th January 2020
at 07:40 AM Europe/London