Someone recently searched “import spotify playlist radiodj” on Google and landed on this website.


I’m writing this post so people understand the complexities when it comes to Spotify playlists and RadioDJ.

Firstly: You cannot import Spotify playlists into RadioDJ they’re two completely different things.

Yes I’m sure it would be handy to have Spotify and RadioDJ linked with playlists and libraries but that isn’t likely to happen anytime soon.

Even rebroadcasting music from Spotify on your Internet radio station is against their Terms and Conditions and that’s down to how the service is licenced by the various agencies.

There are other ways to get music from Spotify Into RadioDJ but that would mean Piracy. Even recording a song and then playing it on your stream is still a no go!

If you need a song to play on your radio station just pay for it from one of the many digital download stores.

I hope this clears things up for people. This is not me being a killjoy etc… Its down to the legalities of it all.

Last updated on: 5th December 2019
at 15:59 PM Europe/London