As I’m sat here surfing the web and posting on Twitter & I can’t help but notice RadioDJ playing away in the background doing better crossfades between songs than I ever could as a DJ using Vinyl & decks…

OK so Its more Envy than Jealousy I guess, I’m just happy I’ve finally found the most perfect piece of audio software.


“If technology had been this advanced in the 1980s I wouldn’t have a bad back from carrying Vinyl everywhere, it was the curse of being a DJ back in the day”

RadioDJ knows how to put a smile on my face esp when I think “Damn I couldn’t have mixed like that”

I was never much of a mixing DJ anyway I just had a playlist and stuck to it and my sets worked out fine back then with records.

When I first started using CD’s I was still crap at mixing between songs using separate decks in some places none of this built in CD players malarkey.

It was 2001 before I got my first Windows XP PC although I had previously amassed some music .mp3 files from a Windows 98 PC once upon a time.

(Wasn’t Audiogalaxy brilliant?)

Back then I used a program called MusicMatch Jukebox but then I lost then key details when an email provider went bust taking all emails with it, So I had to look for other software.

I tried Winamp 2.91 and it was OK I guess as a media player but wasn’t much cop for doing DJ work with.

“Most of the radio DJ automation software I tried out back in 2001/2002 time was a nightmare to work with & some of the DJ software offerings were so awful they would would crash if you tried adding a large library of songs to them. If you read the posts on this blog you’ll soon realise what piece of software that is”

Fast forward to January 2011 I started getting used to using RadioDJ v1.3.7.0 and that worked great on my old XP laptop once I configured a rotation it was off like a whippet… Its been plain sailing ever since with RadioDJ.

Every new release gets better and better as it goes along even the old 1.6.x.x. Beta versions were amazingly stable too. It made playing music & streaming a pleasure.

We’re now on RadioDJ v2.0.0.6 as I write this and its literally making me jealous with some of the crossfades it does.

The credit has to go to Marius Vaida without him the program wouldn’t be where it is today.

“Its not just for Radio DJ’s It would be great as a music automation solution for your Home or background music in a Pub or even Restaurant”

There will also be a paid for (PRO) version of Radio DJ at some point but that will be aimed at the professional radio broadcasters but the free version of RadioDJ will still be around for people to use.

If you run a mobile disco, RadioDJ could even replace your old DJ software, Only if you so wanted it too.

I know I’d be using it for parties if I was still a DJ. Its just so easy to use and incredibly stable that’s what I like most about the software.

In short: RadioDJ is the program everyone should be using for their music automation old or young!

How To Install RadioDJ

“Yes I rave about RadioDJ but that’s only because it does what I want it to everytime I go to use the software. As I’ve already said many a time its the most PERFECT music automation program ever”

Last updated on: 14th August 2018
at 15:19 PM Europe/London